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Affordable high quality Jump Start gourmet espresso latte set

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Call for all coffee lovers, this is a light price and heavy quality solution as well. If you take the total investment into account, the Rancilio solution does not bring any advantage but a way higher price tage. If you later want to play on a different level "espresso" and latte variations, we later will trade in this espresso machine, given a normal wear and tear. Quality matters and pays off over time.

It comes with a pound of our well known high end quality Il Caffe Manaresi espresso coffee beans, roasted in the Tuscany region outside of Florence in italy. Roasting coffee beans is a tradition in Italy, how to roast, it is a secret within the roasting companies like the Coca Cola recipe, most U.S. roasting companies do not reach our quality of Italian flavor, consistent and with lingering aftertaste.

To jump start your coffee booth, we spice this package up with a blind basket (not included in the Gaggia set), a pitcher, a milk thermometer and a device to measure the calcium level in the water you like to use for your new machine.

The grinder is capable to grind fine enough for espresso needs, also it is scale based to assure that you easy get the correct amount of ground into your basket.

On the picture is shown the stainless steel version for the price as shown, black is an option with a additional cost of $ 50.

We at Italian Bean Delight, and together with our sister company,  Cafe Techs, Company, are manufacturer authorized repair and retail facility for gaggia machines nationwide.