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Quality matters, not only about beans and machines, but information

Posted by Andreas Reinhardt on 5th Jul 2021

The bright side of all online information is, they are available by the click. The disadvantage is that the majority of information about espresso machines and beans are not correct or just wrong. Let's start with followers and "likes", you can buy them buy the thousand. Feedbacks on web pages from online retailers: They are mostly manipulated, you can wright those feedbacks and put them on your website, no problem. Feedbacks at google, way more independent from the online retailer, but also easy to "produce". From our knowledge, only the Better Business Bureau feedbacks are "water proofed", you cannot manipulate those, the company can only add a comment, but cannot change anything on the feedback of a customer. Now YouTube videos: Everybody can make a youtube video and publish it, there is no controlling instance to double check on the information provided. We stopped to watch youtube videos since almost all information you can catch about espresso machines are not correct, a majority is just wrong. Customers report to us - when they are in the process to buy a machin - all the wrong information they collected and which finally confused them. Very often out of a 15 minute phone conversation, we need to clear out for about 7 minutes wrong information collected on youTube.