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Behmor Brazen Plus Gourmet Drip Coffee Brewer

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Behmor Brazen Plus Gourmet Drip Coffee Brewer

This powerful coffee machine boast coffee-brewing controls we are used to have in commercial upscale coffee brewer systems: Such as how hot you want your water to be (please do not exceed 194F for the sake of your coffee flavor) and your set up the  pre-soak time, as well as pulse brewing. It also meets the SCAA's strict guidelines for making fabulous drip brew at home.

If you want to get the fast brew, which stands for 5 hours warmed up at the same temperature in your coffee brewer server and/or you want to pour the coffee ground into your coffee brewer the night before and set the brewer on the timer for the very next morning, this is not the right brewer for you.

If you are in gourmet quality drip coffee (the best drip coffee beans we sell you) by wanting the best possible flavor out of your drip coffee maker and you invest 2 minutes in the morning, this is your brewer: You can set up the brewing temperature between 190F and 194F; you can set up the pre-soaking time; you have the pulse brewing, all features coming from the old grandma style pour over drip coffees done in the old fashioned way with a kettle and pre-soaking and slowly pouring of the water into the filter cone.

From the moment we ran its calibration program we knew the Brazen Plus had the power and skill to brew drip coffee as we think it needs to be. The machine transformed its sample of calibration water into a bubbling froth in no time and handled it similarly when whipping up fresh pots of coffee. While it took 5 minutes and 5 seconds to heat its supply of cold tap water (40 ounces, 1.2 L) up to 194 degrees (F), the actual brew time was consistently  below 5 minutes. If you activate the variable pre-soak time you need to add this time to the total brewing time.

Arguments that the coffee making process takes too long, we easily wipe out by saying, just do something in between, the preparation time is less than 2 minutes to get the machine running and you are released, just return to your kitchen a couple of minutes later to enjoy a really good sip of coffee. With our Il Caffe Manaresi coffee beans and ground you beat all coffee shops in your area easily.

Analysis with a refractometer confirmed the gourmet coffee process of the Brazen Plus. Coffee brewed turned into a TDS (total dissolved solids) percentage of 1.28 percent. That translates to an extraction percentage of 20.3 percent which is in line with the ideal number, commonly said to be between 18 and 22 percent, based on a coffee ground / water ratio 2.3 ounces coffee and 40 ounces softened water with a TDS of less than 50 part per million (ppm).

Arguments we found on the market, that the Brazen Plus is underperforming with its thermal carafe and does not hold the heat of the coffee in the server for more than 2 hours (other coffee brewers can hold the temperature for up to 6 hours) we wipe out by saying, that drip coffee never should wait to be sipped for a time window more than 60 minutes: After 60 minutes the excellent coffee flavor is mostly vanished and it starts to taste strange like you would by a coffee on the road where ever.

One hint to scaling: Coffee brewers need a softened water with a calcium level in the water not exceeding 50 parts per million (ppm). If you use zero ppm in the water like from reverse osmosis systems, that's perfect for the brewer but not perfect for the flavor. If your tab or bottled water you like to use might exceed the 50 ppm, you will ruin your coffee machine over time by scaling, calcium falls out of the boiling water and makes a film, later crust inside of all hydraulic parts of your coffee maker, which finally ends up in overheating. A regular descaling is better than nothing, but not good for the hydraulics as well. Just use water which matches the requirements of calcium level between 35 and 50 ppm. We will help you to evaluate your water at no costs.

Key Features:

Brewing Temperature

You can set up the brewing temperature from 190-210°F. The water brewing temperature is critical for ideal coffee extraction and recommended between 195-205°F.

Pre-Soak The Coffee Grounds

Set a pre-soak time from 15 seconds up to 4 minutes. A small amount of water added to the coffee ground before brewing allows the coffee to bloom and the extraction’s process to begin.

Pulsed Water Flow

The key to terrific brewed coffee is to fully saturate the coffee grounds. The Brazen Plus utilizes an oversized shower head and pulse brews the water to create turbulence in the coffee grounds bed to fully saturate them.



Height: 15.25"

Width: 9"

Depth: 9"

Weight: 10 lbs

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