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Cash & Carry

We understand, you exactly know what machine you like to buy, you made your research online and this is your machine. You don't need any consulting, you just want to buy at a good price. We honor your easy purchase with a store credit you can use to buy espresso coffees, accessories etc. Please call for your store credit 800746 6174

Please be advised that machines in this category "Cash & Carry" do not last 15 or twenty years (like our other machines), rather from 7 years (Lelit Bianca) to 10 years (Quickmill, Rocket), speaking with the knowledge of our repair company. Furthermore, all warranty claims for manufacturer's material defects are processed by the importers of the manufacturers. All importers for machines in this category "Cash & Carry" are located East coast, you pay one way shipment for warranty claims, they pay the return shipment if the defect is covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Please keep your box and buffer materials for the unlikely event that the machine needs a visit at the importer's company.

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