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Service Kit Brewing group Simonelli Appia, Aurelia OEM

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Service kit for maintenance of your Nuova Simonelli Appia or Aurelia espresso machine. The parts are OEM, the height of the gasket is 8.0mm instead of the original height of 8.2mm. We replace with the hex key screw which is more convenient to unscrew and screw, furthermore the screw has a flat head, not standing out like the original screw into the brewing basket.


The kit comprises:

1 x shower screen

1 x Hex key screw

3 x conical brewing group gasket

1 x grease


How to maintain?



Back flush with the blind basket (best to mount it on your 2nd portafilter) after each second extraction



Take the shower screen with the brewing group gasket together down and wash out the shower screen with soap and warm water, or just put the scree (not the gasket) into your dishwasher.


Each 6th month

Replace your brewing group gasket when you perform the monthly service


With your purchase, we will send you the link to our video how to maintain your E61 brewing group.