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Drip Coffee

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  • Brasiliero 2.2 lbs

    Italian Bean Delight

    Brasiliero 2.2 lbs

    $30.00 - $145.00

    Blend of 60% Robusta and 40% Arabica coffee beans.  The Brasiliero works great in latte beverages if you like a rather straight coffee flavor without any hints of cocoa, hazelnut, fruits etc. It does not develop the lingering aftertaste of the...

  • Manaresi Filter 2.2 lbs

    Il Caffe Manaresi S.A.S.

    Manaresi Filter 2.2 lbs

    $33.00 - $175.00

    This Manaresi Drip is the perfect coffee for your pour over brewer. It comes with an elegant flavor, no acidity or bitterness, but a clear message of coffee with mini hints of hazelnut and cocoa without being flavored. If you can adjust the brewing...