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FETCO Zurich programmable pourover plumbed gourmet coffee brewer

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If you stick to quality in regards of coffee flavor and your demand is up to 3.5 gallon per hour of fresh brewed coffee, the FETCO 0.5 gallon coffee brewer is your choice: The perfect hot beverage solution for low volume environments like bakeries, deli shops, ice cream shops, smoothie shops. small-medium size restaurants, small cafes, office coffee service (OCS) or catering services with a coffee offering up to 3.5 gallon per hour in the peak time.

It comes in 4 versions:

CBS2121PW - Pour over; for glass carafes with warmers; no hot water outlet; no adjustments of batch size, no brewing temperature control, no drip delay

CBS2121P - Pour over; for thermal servers; no hot water outlet; no adjustments of batch size, no brewing temperature control, no drip delay

DBS2121A/Zurich - For glass carafes with warmers; switchable pour over / plumbed;  brewing temperature control; drip delay; full/half batch; if plumbed hot water outlet;

DBS2121A/Zurich - For thermal servers; switchable pour over / plumbed; brewing temperature control; drip delay; full/half batch; if plumbed hot water outlet;

Glass carafes are less expensive than thermal servers, break easy and do not store the temperature of the coffee by itself. FETCO uses self-regulating solid state PTC Semiconductor warmers: Resists overheating and maintains optimal serving temperature. Saves energy and helps preserve freshness - unlike some competitors' models that continuously heat until you switch it off.

Thermal servers can keep the fresh brewed coffee on a certain temperature level for at least one hour and more. Please keep in mind that brewed coffee should be sold and enjoyed within 60 minutes, since the flavor decreases after 60 minutes dramatically.


Programmable Features ZURICH™ Auto/Pour Over Coffee Brewers with Touchscreen

Intuitive touch screen for programmable parameters and information

Fill mode: Automatic/plumbed or manual/pour over

Full and Half Batch Volume:  User adjustable batch volume from 0.5 liters to 2.5 liters for two selectable batches: batch #1 and batch #2

Tank/Brewing Temperature: You select the brewing temperature between 180F and 207F for each batch made

Temperature Units (Fahrenheit or Celsius),

Drip Delay: User adjustable drip delay time (0.30 minutes up to 8 minutes) with screen status display

Hot water outlet: Service is available only in Automatic/plumbed Mode and is disabled in Manual Mode and during brewing.


General Features:

Brewing time and volume max per hour: Approximately 4.30 minutes brewing time and 1.5 minutes drip out time = six minutes total brew time. Realistic brewing volume per hour: 7 brews each 64 oz per hour = 3.5 gallon per hour

Coffee dose: Calibrated for 105g coffee dose; range 100/115g 3.5-4oz throw

Water tank capacity: 1.4 liter

Weight: 17 lbs

Voltage: 100 - 120V

Watt: 1,100 - 1,600 Watt

Amps: 11.1 - 13.3 Amp

Power connection: Nema 5-15P plug

Dimensions: Height 19" Width 8" Depth 19"


What is not included:

Water filtration system: To avoid scaling through calcium in the water you like to use, your inbound fresh water - whether pour over or plumbed into the fresh water supply - needs to match the requirements as given by manufacturers and us. To match those requirements you almost in all cases need a water filtration system and a back flow prevention valve.

Glass Carafes and thermal servers are sold separately

Il Caffe Manaresi Drip Coffee - best drip coffee if brewed at the correct brewing temperature 191F

Manufacturer's defects 1 year parts and labor