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Gaggia Cadorna Easy Barista 2-step Superautomatic Cash & Carry

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Superautomatic espresso coffee extraction combined with a real commercial style stainless steel steamwand


This is a 2-step superautomatic machine which is defined as a superautomatic machine where the espresso, different coffes are extracted in 1 step and the milk frothing job done in a separate second step.


Advantage: Compared to a 1-step superautomatic machine drama free steamed milk production


Disadvantage: Barista work in regards of the frothing of milk


Annotation: The superautomatic machines never reach the espresso quality of classical espresso machine extraction and steam (machine + grinder = $ 3k + barista work). However, this Gaggia series (1-step, 2-step, 2-step Barista steam) stands out in regards of easyness and affordability and quality.


The rapidly heated boiler is ready in moments so every morning can start with a hot, invigorating coffee. A soft pre-infusion wets the coffee prior to brewing, extracting a unique body and flavor for every shot. Easy to operate since all drawers are reachable from the front, also the refilling of water does not mean to pull the machine out of the location, neither do you need at the left side  or above any space to reach the water tank. Furthermore, the brewing group can be removed for quick and easy maintenance by just opening a door on the rightside. Please take this into account since other machines you cannot reach the brewing group for washing out, for replacing a gasket, you need to give the machine to a tech or the manufacturer to get maintenance done.


6 Beverage options (adjustable)






Espresso Lungo




Hot Water








Grinder Aroma Strength Temperature


10 Grinder settings


5 Aroma strength settings


3 Extraction temperature settings


Adjustable beverage volume


Cup heights: 2.7 in - 6.1 in






Classical commercial style Barista steamwand


Stainless steel with 2 tip holes, pivoting

Usable length 3.75 in with insulated grip




The Machine


Hopper capacity 10 oz


Water tank 1.5 liter


Drip tray capacity 18 oz


Dreg drawer capacity 10 pucks


Water filtration cartridge


Rinsing Cycle


Automatic descale program


Height 15 in


Width 10 in


Depth 16 in


Weight 20 lbs


Heater 1400 Watt


Voltage 110V-120V @ 60Hz