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Izzo Vivi Wood Temperature Control

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Izzo Vivi IBD Barista


Special Philip Edition: Comes with wood handle and Geisinger thermometer


This special IBD edition comprises the Izzo vivi espresso machine, 2 portafilters with baskets, a heavy flat stainless steel tamper, milk pitcher, milk thermometer, water test equipment, some Il Caffe Manaresi espresso beans or ground, and the thermometer/shot timer mounted on the E61 brewing group close to the espresso puck. Reading out the value on this thermometer and subtracing around 7F you  know the real temperature in the espresso puck. With the PID controller you can adjust the steam boiler temperature accordingly to reach your personal set temperature within the espresso puck. Included in this package is one hour of barista training one to one remotely (value of $ 100).

This little powerhouse belongs to our class of high end quality machines, built to last for years to come. Designed on a small foot print if space is limited and built to last, given a regular light maintenance on a regular basis.

The Italian manufacturer has taken a different approach to their long-running dual-boiler model (the Alex Duetto) and has created the Vivi; a simpler machine with all the flair and usability of the big brother.

Heat exchanger at it's best. If you only want espresso shots, you can reduce from outside of the machine with the PID buttons easily the temperature down. If you need a lot of steam for all your friends at home, you just increase the temperature to steam back to back the milk for the latte coffees.

Built out of high end materials, this machine comes with a stainless steel frame and encasement, comprising the 1.5 liter steam boiler: Powered by an oversized (compared to competitors) heater at 1500 Watt and controlled by a real PID controller, a shot timer is a good idea to not overextract as well. The sturdy E61 brewing group built out of best materials available, is surrounded by the sturdy turn knobs for  steam and hot water, placed as much as possible away from the brewing group to avoid "hot fingers" when you turn the knobs. Other manufacturer squeeze the knobs close to the brewing group and you easily can burn your fingers on the brewing group, when you turn the knobs.

Beside of the pid display, the steam boiler pressure and extraction pressure is present on classical gauges. The turn knobs are available in black, red, white, or Italian walnut to give your machine a personal touch or matching your esresso machine environment.


Quick Highlights

  • Finaly crafted 304 stainless steel case
  • Non-compression hot water and steam valves with turn knobs (better than jopysticks for steaming milk)
  • Insulated copper boiler heat exchanger 1.5 liter with PID and strong 1500 Watt heater and low water sensor
  • Sturdy E61 Brewing group made only out of high end quality materials
  • Extraction thermometer and shot timer directly in front of the E61 brewing group
  • Swivel stainless steel hot water and steam wands with convenient turn knobs
  • Resettable high limit control board
  • Comes with 2 portafilters, several baskets, tamper, pitcher, thermometer, Tuscany region smooth espresso coffee
  • Warranty 2 years parts and labor for manufacturer's material defects
  • Unlimited remote support technical questions, maintenance and barista training

Tech Spechs


Width 11"

Height 14"

Depth 16"

Cup Clearance 5"

Weight 55 lbs

Voltage 110V @60 Hz 15 A Nema 5-15 regular kitchen outlet