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Jura Impresso S9 refurbished

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This Jura Impresso S9 espresso coffee machine was refurbished by us and comes with a 3 month warranty against manufacturer's materiald defects.


Key Features:

  • Functions from grinding to brewing can be done at the touch of a button thanks to One Touch technology.
  • An adjustable spout on the automatic coffee machine accommodates specialty coffee beverages in small drinks and tall glasses.
  • Four beverage buttons can be individually programmed for cup size, strength and temperature.
  • Advanced optics monitors the filling level of the bean hopper and a sensor sends an alert when beans are running low.

One Touch Brew

The Jura IMPRESSA S9 prepares latte macchiato or cappuccino at the touch of a button—you don’t even have to move the cup! Multiple hot water temperature settings and a stainless steel cup-warming surface help transform beans into the perfect cup of specialty coffee. There’s even a graphic LCD display so you can keep track of the brewing progress.

Jura One Touch Cappuccino

The Ultimate Selection

With four beverage buttons that can be individually programmed for cup size, strength and temperature, the Jura IMPRESSA S9 provides endless options to create the specialty coffee drink you’re craving.

Jura S9 Coffee à la carte

Adjustable to Your Needs

You can brew ristretto in a small cup or a latte macchiato in a glass by simply adjusting the height of the coffee spout. The Jura IMPRESSA S9 dual coffee spouts can be adjusted from 3 inches up to 5.8 inches.

Jura 29 Adjustable Spout

Maximum Monitoring

Your grinder will never run empty again. Advanced optics monitor the filling level of the bean hopper (which accommodates up to 10 ounces of beans) and the electronic bean level sensor alerts you when the supply is running low.

Jura Active bean Monitoring