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Mahlkoenig VTA 6 coffee bean grinder 43 gram / second

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The Mahlkoenig VTA 6S grinds large volumes of any roast and for any brewing method, directly into the coffee bag.The standard burrs are designed for all kind of coffee beans, however there are special burrs available for espresso and turkish coffee which is rather just powder. We service some VTA mahlkoenig grinders, manufactured 10-20 years ago and still in a nice shape, given a regular maintenance.

It's special burr design and the integrated motor ventilation make sure to save the precious aroma of your beans, even under high workloads.

It comes in a 1720 Watt version, called VTA 6SW, available in 1-phase and 3 phase version, and a 2100 Watt motor version, called VTA 6S available only in  a 3-phase version available. 3-phase motors are more energy efficient and reduce the electrical bill. Furthermore, they are more sturdy, since the 3-phase motor does not need any condensator which is an element easily breaking down over the years. The integrated circuit breaker provides protection for the motor in a case when the coffee grind cannot exit, mostly the case at no maintenance and oily beans, which just clogg the grinding system.



  • Top performance for high workloads

  • Outstanding coffee quality thanks to even grinding

  • Cooling through integrated motor ventilation

  • Wide grinding range from turkish fine up to filter coffee grinding

  • Individual special burrs for turkish fine or espresso grinding available

  • Bag holder combi lever switch: clamping and vibrating sheet

  • Classic Mahlkönig design, combining quality and durability


Technical Aspects

Idle speed: 1725 rpm (60 Hz)

Burr diameter: 120 mm / 4.72 in

Burr material: Special steel

Average grinding capacity*: 43 g/s

Bean hopper capacity : ca. 2.20 lb

Max. nominal power:

  • VTA6 S: 2100 W

  • VTA6 SW: 1720 W

Dimensions (w x h x d): 15" x 25" x 15"

Net weight: 93 lbs

Standard colors: Matte black, and copper, other colors RAL built to order



  • Special burrs for espresso- or turkish fine grinding

  • Tip switch in combination with vibrating basket

  • Large bean hopper (approx. 3.6 lbs)

  • Raised outlet height

  • Frequency converter