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Moka Jenne Antico Espresso Coffee Beans 1.1 lbs

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A rich, intense aroma with a dense, compact crema. The lively hazel-colour is our secret to a century of fame: the taste is first rich and delicate, and then, as it reaches the palate, it gives off a round flavour.

In the mouth, the aroma of spices and chocolate blend with those of dry fruits and a touch of smokiness. Antico 1878 is perfect for lovers of tradition and the insurmountable charm and taste of the original Moka J-Enne.


Corpo/Body       4 out of 5 stars
Aroma/Aroma    4 out of 5 stars
Acidità/Acidity    2 out of 5 stars



Pre-infusion preferred until a drop comes out of the portafilter

Waiting time 3 seconds

Water temperature 190F - 194F max