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Rocket R58 Double boiler PID espresso coffee machine refurbished

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This Rocket R58 double boiler PID espresso coffee machine was refurbished, the brewing group rebuilt with new Rocket parts by us and comes with a 3 month warranty against manufacturer's material defects. She comes with original carton and accessories, PID set up device just everything. We set up the machine for our Il Caffe Manaresi finest espresso coffee beans from the Tuscany region in Italy.


Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto Overview


The Rocket R58 is a dual boiler espresso machine, with a dual PID system controlled by a removable control box. Each boiler uses a dedicated PID to regulate the temperatures within each, and allow you to make adjustments to accommodate different roast profiles. Updated cup railings, legs, side panels, and the inclusion of shot timer are much appreciated updates to Rocket's signature dual boiler machine.


Features and Performance


Rather than integrating the PID into the front of the R58, Rocket opted to create a touchscreen device which can be removed from the side of the machine as desired. The screen device is a lot more than a PID controller, however. With it in place, you can turn off the steam boiler, and switch between the water tank or a direct water line connection. 

At its heart, the R Cinquantotto features a 0.58 L brew boiler and 1.8 L steam boiler, which pump out shot after shot and fuel a powerful steam wand. Said steam wand is no-burn, along with its hot water counterpart.

As on their other machines, the E61 present on the R58 features Rocket’s innovative dual pre-infusion system, which utilizes a static chamber as well as a mechanical working piston which progressively pre-infuses to ensure a fully saturated, crema-rich extraction. The R58 also features a commercial-grade rotary pump, which, on top of being incredibly quiet, offers the option to plumb the machine directly into a water line.