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Robusta 50+

Robusta coffee beans do have kind of a bad reputation here in the US.From the farming standpoint, you can have good and bad beans from both kind. From the processing standpoint how to get rid of the flesh of the coffee cherry, you can have good and bad beans form both kind. From the roasting standpoint, a roaster missing the Italian skills, ruins everything.

The Italian understanding of espresso is, to blend Arabica beans with traditionally 8 up to 40% Arabica beans. The result? A different flavor profile, if you are used to it, you easily identify coffees which are based on only Arabica beans.

If you take 100% Robusta beans, the flavor profile is very different, not fruity compared to a 100% Arabica blend ("Blend" has two meanings in the language: 1. beans from different origins, and 2. the ratio between Arabica and Robusta beans).

In this category we present you espresso blends with more than 50% Robusta coffee beans.






We don't know why, but we assume that Robusta beans for which the harvest is the double amount compared to Arabica coffee beans, are as a mass production less expensive, comprise more caffeine and are often roasted terrible.

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