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Rocket Cellini Espresso coffee machine certified

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This Rocket Cellini espresso coffee machine was rebuilt, new pump, new heater, the brewing group rebuilt with new Rocket parts,and comes with a 1 year warranty against material defects.

Rocket Cellini Overview

The Rocket Cellini Classic (pronounced Chell-ini) HX by Rocket Espresso Milano is quite impressive to look at, due to its solid steel construction giving the machine a positively gleaming appearance right out of the gate.

It is quite heavy to lift because of all of that steel as well, shipping at whopping pounds and weighing in at a svelte 62 lbs even after you unbox it.

Quick Features

  • No burn water and steam arms (ball joint style)
  • High quality water tank with sensor
  • Water and steam valves non-compressed
  • Adjustable pressure stat
  • Standard Cellini brass boiler
  • Retro-style design with steel casing (matte on the sides, polished on the top)
  • Standard 2 filter baskets and 2 heavy duty porta-filter holders
  • Feet which are height adjustable

The 1.8 liter boiler is made out of copper, just the same as all the other Rockets.  So, if you’ve used Rockets before, you’re dealing with the same boiler once again.

Coffee lovers would also love to know that the Rocket’s dual system will produce smoother coffee with superior aroma, body, and crema all because this system has a progressively working piston and static pre-infusion chamber.

The Cellini company has chosen to use a vibratory pump with a special device that eliminates back pressure from the boiler and blockages. 

If you want to avoid burning yourself, choose the Rocket Cellini Classic because its steam wand has a two-hole tip and a hot water wand which are internally insulated and they are both stainless steel.