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Victoria Arduino Theresia T3 Soft Infusion Design Espresso Machine

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Theresia is compact, a geometrically designed sculptural object. A machine designed to enjoy a daily action, drinking an espresso, which is not only a leisure break, but a small authentic luxury.

Eye-Catching Design. The body of the machine, in Supermirror stainless steel, is thought of as having a diamond buried inside. A precious object of eye-catching design. The steel processing is entirely by hand, with experienced craftsmen who, after laser cutting, fold the material 112 times.

T3 technology. The coffee experts can set, with maximum flexibility, the outlet temperature of the group. The electronics of the machine do the rest: digital pressure and temperature sensors instantly send information to the control unit through 3 independent PID which actively manage each variable, in order to grant maximum thermal stability. The water supply temperature of the group is displayed in real time. The result is unequalled brewing quality precision and accuracy. Coffee experts can choose and taste different espressos, because the T3 technology adapts to every coffee blend and exalts aromas and quality

Why Theresia T3? Anyone using Theresia can choose one or more coffee blends because it is perfectly suited to every taste and to the peculiarities of each blend. Theresia, flexible and precise, suits you ideally.

COOL TOUCH NOZZLE. The steam nozzle has the patented Cool Touch which, in addition to ensuring greater security against possible annoying scalding, ensures easy cleaning and reduces the formation of milk scale. TEFLON FILTER HOLDER Theresia has a special holder with Teflon coating that offers better cleaning to preserve the aroma of coffee in the cup.

SMART FUNCTION. Many useful electronic functions on a control unit for: excellent extractions, energy saving, quick programming. EXCELLENT EXTRACTIONS Received through the independent regulation of the temperature of the group and the boilers for coffee and steam; adjusting the amount of extraction doses and the pre-infusion time.

ENERGY SAVING. Through automated programming of switching the machine on and off as well as a power consumption limitation system with heating management for the machine’s components.

QUICK PROGRAMMING. For maintenance, cleaning and filter replacement, Theresia is easy to set up with a few clicks on the buttons.

When you get your new espresso machine:


  • Local Single Point of Contact for all Service Needs
  • Receive and Inspect Machine for Damage
  • Bench Test Machine
  • Installation Coordination of Facilities
  • Water Quality/Clarity Test
  • Professional Installation
  • Equipment Maintenance Training
  • Free Installation of Water Softening System
  • Guaranteed No Freight Damage


During Warranty:


  • Lifetime Warranty on Copper Boilers
  • 1 Year Labor Warranty
  • Automatic Warranty Claim Processing


After Warranty:


  • Lifetime telefon support
  • Maintenance and Breakdown service
  • Maintenance parts (you can do by yourself like filter gaskets and screens)
  • Spare Parts


Please call us prior ordering your machine to discuss the exactly version is matching your needs. Monday to Saturday 9am - 9pm ET 800 746 6174