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Stainless Steel boiler and pipe Espresso Double Boiler Coffee Machine Vesuvius

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Stainless Steel

The Vesuvius has two boilers made out of stainless steel. The stainless steel dual boilers have easy-access boiler drains for service and storage (water should be changed each 6th month but most machines with the exemption of Izzo do not have drain valves easily to reach underneath of the machine without unscrewing anything). To avoid rust on the boilers, the tubes connected to the boilers are made out of stainless steel as well. Nevertheless, the correct water quality is a must for this machine, we will help you to find the correct water quality.


There are 5 pre-set pressure profiles, controlled by the touchscreen located above the hot water wand. Each profile has seven steps where you can set pressure at that point in your shot. A major plus to pressure profiling is full control over pre-infusion. Pre-infusion is the act of applying lower pressure, usually at the beginning of pulling your espresso and under 4-bar. This pre-infusion let's the coffee puck rise about 1-2mm in height prior you extract, a correct pre-infusion increases the flavors you can sip in your up. Use our Il Caffe Manaresi espresso coffee from the Tuscany region in Italy, you will have in your cup for each sip a lingering aftertaste with hints of cocoa and hazelnut without being flavored, never bitter, from elegant to authentic Italian stuff! Others recommend long shots on a lower pressure, those are called "lungo" in Italy, the wrong way to extract a fine espresso. We can explain to you in details if your are interested.


Both options included, water tank on the right side for your convenience.


Well, all are proclaiming the advantage of no-burn valves and joysticks. Please be aware that from the technical standpoint the manufacturers use a plastic pipe inside of the metal steam wand! Personally we are not happy to having plastic in touch with hot steam.... The machine works perfect without the plastic pipe as well, just our recommendation.

What is in the box:

  • 3 hole steam tip
  • 1 single spouted portafilter
  • 1 double spouted portafilter
  • 1 bottomless portafilter
  • 1 back flush disk
  • Braided waterline
  • Drain hose
  • Group brush
  • Extra group gasket