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Commerical 2 - 4.5 gram / second

What distinguishes espresso coffee grinders?
1. Design (flat or conical) of the burrs, diameter of burrs
2. Wattage and RPM of the motor (starting at 150 Watt and 1680 RPM and down to 900 Watt and 500 RPM)
3. Ventilation passive or active to take the motor heat out of the encasement, there is enough heat caused in the friction of the espresso coffee beans in between of the burrs to take care of.
4. Quality and durability of course.
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  • Mazzer Robur S


    Mazzer Robur S

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    Mazzer Robur S For any upcoming questions, please call us 800 746 674 and we explain the machine in details on the phone and offer to share with you our knowledge about mandatory maintenance and repair costs on this machine. Pricing valid for the lower...

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