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Maintenance Repairs

Light maintenance, save money and do it by yourself, or you might have a handy person around you. If you need help how to, we can video call and show you.

For machines with a a new value of $ 1,200 and more, we offer repairs, just click on your brand and you will see our evaluation fee accordingly. We will send you instructions, how to pack your machine to avoid shipping damages. Our repair facilities are located in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area zip 20146. After you having sent in your machine to us, we will provide you with a repair quote first. It might take a little while until you receive your repair quote, depending on the work load in our repair facility. If you approve the repair quote, we continue to repair and will send the machine back to you at our cost. The evaluation fee will be credited towards the repair cost. If you decide not to repair the machine, the evaluation fee is earned by us, and the costs of shipping back the machine to you are yours. However, we are more than happy to credit your evaluation fee towards a new machine and can trade in your old machine for parts.

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