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Everybody tells you you need a two-group espresso machine. We say NO. Why?  

  • You might have a One-Group machine and and want more capacity. Why not adding just a second One-Group machine?
  • You have a broken Two-Group machine and want to replace it. Why not replacing with 2 x One-Group machines?
  • You are a "freshman" or "freshlady" and you are kick-starting your business. You are not sure how many coffee/latte beverages you will sell. Why not starting with 1 x One-Group machine and adding a second One-Group machine later?

 Here some thoughts against any Two-Group machine:

  • If your Two-group machine breaks down, for example Friday afternoon and you expect a busy weekend, you do sell not ONE CUP of coffee for the day or entire weekend. Or you pay expensive repair for after business hours repair by a service company. If one of your both One-Group machines is off, well you have the second one still running and you have time to fix the broken one.
  • Not all the time you need to run both One-Group machines, that saves energy and you extend the lifecycle of your machines which reduces total cost of ownership.
  • Our Commercial One-Group machines have enough Watts in the heater to outpace the steam power of a comparable two group machine: For peaks, you have 2 steam wands available to simultaniously steam milk not only 1 steam wand like in a Two-Group Machine. 

A new machine is a big investment. Please call us 800 746 6174 to consult you in regards of quality, durability, color, local repair and maintenance service. We price match, we offer financing or leasing if necessary.

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    Simonelli Musica Programmable Espresso Machine Italian Bean Delight

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    Simonelli Musica Plumbed Direct Connect with Starter Kit

    MSRP: $3,300.00
    Was: $3,924.00
    Now: $2,780.00

    Thermosyphon heat exchanger system (2 in 1 boiler). Copper boiler with an internal heating exchanger that allows you to produce coffee, steam and hot water without delay. 3 quart water tank. Vibration pump. You can program your favorite americano,...

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