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Semi-Commercial 1 gram / second

If you ask us, a lot of folks buy oversized grinders not matching the espresso machine they have or buy: A $1,200 grinder and a $1,600 espresso machine does not make sense in many cases for home usage. A grinder is nothing more than two burrs, connected to an elektro motor plus a condensator, a switch on/off and either a doser, or some electronics to stop the grinding process after a pre-defined period of time which equals quantity of ground espresso coffee. Especially if you have a load of 10 espresso shots per day, a grinder between $ 300 and $600 is the perfect solution. Of course the grinder should be sturdy. It should fit underneath your counter top. There are tons of espresso coffee grinders on the market, most of them either lack the quality we expect or they are too expensive for what they provide you with. Please call us to help you to find the right size, and whether doser or on demand is better for you: 800 746 6174

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  • Macap M2 Domus Classic


    Macap M2 Domus Wormdrive On Demand Chrome Commercial


    This is the new 2022 M2 series as the classical one with the radio button right underneath of the base, or the digital version.   Technically almost identical with the older version, but less noise.   Macap was founded in 1930 in Venice,...