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We call the machines "super-automatic" if the machine combines espresso brewer and grinder in one encasement and you just push a button, the rest of the work is done automatically. There are machines with a separate steamwand, those we call 2-step super automatic machines. And there are 1-step super automatic machines, which use a carafe you can keep in the fridge with milk inside, and you just click the carafe into the machine for latte beverages. From the quality standpoint in regards of extraction, latte production, easy to clean, easy to repair, durability 10+ years, and long lasting availability of spare parts, the machines made by Gaggia, owned by Philips, Netherlands, and made in Northern Italy, are the best catch for years to come.

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    Gaggia Cardona prestige coffee bundle


    Gaggia Cadorna Prestige 1-step Superautomatic Easy Espresso Machine

    Was: $1,799.00
    Now: $1,649.00

    Ready Already This is a 1-step superautomatic machine which is defined as a superautomatic machine where the espresso, different coffes and all latte beverages is finished with one step by pushing one button. Advantage: One Push no more action...

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