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Espresso Coffee Machines, made out of mostly metals and not plastic, are kind of expensive. So it is important to buy a machine which will last for 15+ years. Quality matters. We only carry bullet proof technology machines. Our machines last long. you might miss brands like ECM, Profitech, Quickmill, Rocket, and more. The reason for us that  machines of those brands are failing in the long run. Why do you know that? In the short run all new designed machines need to pass a 6 month stress test in our facility. In the long run, our repair Company, Cafe Techs, feeds us with information from machines between 1 year and 20 years old which are in service or repaiir.

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  • Izzo Vivi Espresso Coffee Machine


    Izzo Vivi Espresso Coffee Machine

    MSRP: $2,190.00
    Was: $1,890.00
    Now: $1,880.00

    First of all, there are now so many wrong information on the internet available about espresso machines, and grinders, please call and we can share our knowledge and can help you to distinguish between true and false. Furthermore, we offer to commission...

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