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Quality matters!

We only offer machines which are built to last, made out of bullet proof technology.  Our machines do not fly to the moon, but in 10-15 years you will enjoy those still, given a little TLC and some service over years to come. We service and repair all machines we offer, and have a network of repair shops to avoid long distance shipping for repairs or service.

If you want to become a test candidate for the latest brand new models, with all the whistles and bells, which definitely ripe later at customer site, feel free to to buy from one of the online box shifters, mostly without any service neither knowledge about the machines they offer.

Please read carefully all the fine prints of online dealers, this counts also for our general terms and conditions as well. As a matter of fact, we prefer to talk with you first, prior you buy a machine from us to assure that you get what you really want and no later disappointments.

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