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prosumer / (prəˈsjuːmə) / noun: an amateur user of electronic equipment that is of a standard suitable for professional use (

Our opinion: What a beautiful nonsense this word "prosumer". Reason for: The machines in the category "prosumer" are not (!) suitable for commercial usage!

However,  compared to the entry level class, the prosumer machines provide more functions, better performance of espresso shot and/or steam.

Let's clear out one myth on the US espresso machine market: We have machines with two boilers and one heater (HX machines) and we have machines with two boilers and two separate heaters, one for each boiler (Double boiler). HX machines are also double boiler machines with two boilers! There are advantages and disadvantages of both kind of machines, HX, and Double Boiler, for your home usage. Call us (800 746 6174) if you might be disturbed in your fresh knowledge about espresso machines