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Dual Boiler 1 Heater

heat-exchanger.pngThis machines are also called "Heat Exchanger" machines: The coffee boiler has no separate heater but gets heated up by the surrounding steam boiler. But, there is a separate coffee boiler with around 300 ccm and a fresh cold water injection which is better than the coffee boilers from so called dual boiler machines, they have a too big coffee boiler and no fresh oxygen rich water injection system. Advantage, fresh, oxygen rich water for the extraction Disadvantage, control of extraction temperature thorugh adjustment of steam boiler temperature with a Geisinger thermometer on the brewing group.

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    Izzo Vivi Espresso Coffee Machine


    Izzo Vivi Espresso Coffee Machine

    MSRP: $2,190.00
    Was: $1,890.00
    Now: $1,800.00

    First of all, there are now so many wrong information on the internet available about espresso machines, and grinders, please call and we can share our knowledge and can help you to distinguish between true and false. Furthermore, we offer to commission...

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