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Wega WBar 3 group automatic espresso coffee machine free unlimited barista training


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Wega: Machines inspired by the human touch


WBar is the right size, she delivers a user experience that is smart without compromise, enhanced by the addition of new vertical button panels and the extremely high-tech steam levers.


What you get:

  1. Steam Lever: The new WBar steam lever is based on these two principles, allowing the barista to work quickly and smoothly. There are two different ways to steam: continuous flow or on demand

  2. Vertical Control Panel: Each button panel is back-lit and offers the option of programming up to four doses. The combination of two navigation keys gives access to the automatic wash cycle

  3. Function Keys: The WBar’s attractive design also includes four function buttons positioned on the sides of the groups: two emergency keys, a cupwarmer button, if present, and a hot water dispensing button for making tea

  4. Vertical Control Panel

  5. 4 Programmable doses

  6. 4 Functional buttons

  7. Ergonomic steam levers

  8. Automatic cleaning and group head backflush

  9. Spot led over Baristas work area

  10. Intuitive silkscreens

  11. Removable cup support

  12. Lowered feet

Why to buy from us:

We are not an online espresso machine broker, neither a box shifter company, rather we are family owned and family owned small business with an excellent reputation to satisfy the needs of our customers over years to come. We can provide true references by request.


Prices ex works Sterling, VA 20166

Manufacturer's warranty against material defects 1 year parts

Support: Complementary technical support remote unlimited as long as you own the machine

Maintenance: Complementary remote support for light routine maintenance, further complementary service remote support available if someone in your facility has handy skills

Barista Training: Complementary remote barista training unlimited as long as you own the machine 

Please call us 800 746 6174 and we are more than happy to share our expertise with you