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Barista Training

Italian Bean Delight

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Barista Training is a way to secure your investment into your business related to coffee and latte beverages. We are convinced that the nice profit of a coffee shop is linked to the quality of the coffees served. In regards of espresso based beverages, common mistakes are that the person in charge does not know how to make a real espresso which is the base for all espresso based latte beverages. And steaming milk is more than just to dive the steamwand into the milk.


For home, Barista Training increases the daily joy on espresso and latte beverages. We normally break down the session in at least two parts. First part you learn, then you experiment by yourself for a while; the second session we talk about your progress and continue to train.


How do we train?

We train where you are with your machine via video conferencing, not a video clip. You are on your machine and we are on our machine and we will have all the time to check your grinder settings, the machine settings and then start to train you on your machine remotely.


The starting point for mostly all latte beverages is the authentic cappuccino. From there the teaching can reach out to all kind of latte beverages depending on the demand of your customer which very often is a trial and error over time.


On sight, Italian Espresso has a hazelnut-coloured froth, verging on dark brown with tawny hinges. This cream has a very fine texture, which means that its mesh is tight and large or small bubbles are absent. The nose reveals an intense scent with notes of flowers, fruits, toasted bread and chocolate. All of these sensations are felt also after swallowing the coffee in the long lasting aroma that remains for several seconds, sometimes even for minutes. Its taste is round, substantial and smooth. Sour and bitter are well balanced and neither one prevails over the other. Astringency is absent or barely perceptible.


From a sensory standpoint, the true Cappuccino is of a white colour, trimmed with a brown edge of various thickness in the classical cappuccino, with decorations ranging from brown to hazelnut in the decorated cappuccino. The cream has a tight mesh with very fine or absent eye formation. The Cappuccino has an intense aroma combining the underlying scents of flowers and fruits with the bolder scents of milk, of toasted (cereals, caramel), chocolate (cocoa, vanilla) and dried fruits. Negative smoky and bio-chemical negative odours are absent. It discloses its remarkable body through an inviting sensation of cream and of high spherical perception, supported by a mild bitter taste and by a balanced, almost imperceptible acidity. Astringency is practically absent.


Your coffee is only as good as the last coffee you served. Every cup of coffee is important and it's vital that you and your staff know how to make good coffee. Making good coffee is not rocket science but it's very important to receive quality barista training before you work behind a commercial espresso machine. 

Barista training also gives you and your staff confidence in coffee making. You should know by just looking at the coffee or just smell on it to know whether it's any good or not. Barista training can do this for you.