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Cold Brew

Cold Brew: Dripping iced water for hours - drip by drip - over medium roast coarse coffee ground. Wrong method: Take a bucket and put room temperature water and coffee ground in it and let it sit for 12+ hours and strain it (that's what you get in 98% of cold brew beverages served in shops. The cold "brew" idea is to bloom the coffee ground over time and not to make a coffee soup later strained.

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  • Cool Brewtini Recipe

    Cool Brewtini Recipe


    Cool Brewtini   This is a perfect after work drink! Make it a cocktail or a mocktail - whatever tickles your mood... Ingredients: 1.5 oz of Il Caffe Manaresi Gold 92/8 cold brew 1.5 oz Cranberry juice 0.5 oz Cane syrup Lime How to...