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Ilsa Gasket Turbo Express and Omnia 6-cup Espresso Maker 3ct


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Gasket for 6-cup Turbo stovetop espresso pot by Ilsa, comes in 3 count.

Gasket inner diameter 2 1/8"

Gasket outer diameter 2 3/4"

The 3-cup Turbo stovetop espresso pot by Ilsa, also known as macchinetta or moka pot, has a polished stainless steel finish and is dishwasher safe. Beautiful and attractive, these functional pot is an easy way to make espresso and still the most popular way of making espresso at home without investing hundreds of dollars in a good espresso machine. Made in Italy.
The Ilsa espresso maker as all espresso makers produce a moka not a true espresso. A true espresso needs at least a pressure of 6 bar or more; all espresso makers produce a pressure between 1.5 and 3 bar, hence there is no comparable crema. Let's better talk about a "moka pot".

The true moka does not need a crema at all: Depending on the kind of espresso beans and how they are grinded, the moka taste has a full body and can provide a lingering aftertaste as well. If poured into cups directly after the moka is in the upper serving chamber, the moka does not develop any kind of acerbic taste. Finally, the taste is different to drip coffee as well as true espresso. It is just the taste of a classic "moka".

Alfonso Bialetti invented in 1933 the principle of preparing coffee with pressurized boiling water. The original "moka express" was made out of aluminum and is well known with its octogonal footprint. We prefer for you the stainless steel version from Ilsa. It has a contemporary design which is functional and timeless as well. Crafted from heavy stainless steel and polished, it is fitted with a stainless steel handle and a convenient flared lip carafe for easy pouring from any angle. It comes with a safety pressure release valve, stainless steel filter basket, an additional reduction filter to brew only half the amount of espresso, a spare part rubber gasket and instructions how to brew the espresso. It works by creating pressure through heat to force broiling water through ground espresso coffee and into an upper serving chamber.

How to make espresso in a macchinetta or moka pot?

Step 1 Fill water in the lower chamber up to the safety pressure release valve

Step 2 Insert the funnel filter (cone) and place the ground espresso in

Step 3 Screw the top on

Step 4 Put it on a stovetop with enough heat to cover the bottom part

Step 5 When you hear the moka pot gurgling, remove it from the stove.

Step 6 Use a spoon to stir the moka

Step 7 Serve the moka at once and enjoy a rich moka taste like the Italians have been enjoying for more than 300 years.

Our assessment: High quality espresso maker, easy to handle and to clean, dishwasher safe.