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Water Total Hardness Digital Test Meter + Built in Digital Thermometer

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Water Total Hardness Digital TDS Test Meter- comes with integrated digital thermometer

The hardness of your water can destroy the nice flavor of your espresso, coffee, and tea. The digital meter provides high accuracy for the information you need to improve your water quality which not only upgrades the flavor of your coffee, espresso or tea, but rather extends the life cycle of your brewing equipment tremendously.


What does TDS mean?

Total Dissolved Solids, which is any salt, metal or mineral in the water. The lower the TDS level, the purer the water, with 0 ppm being pure H2O. 


How important is water quality for espresso extraction?

As a matter of fact, water is more than 97 percent of your coffee, espresso, or tea; fresh, good-tasting water is essential to brew coffee, tea and especially espresso coffee. The mineral content in the water can definitely affect your coffee taste. For best results, water should not exceed these parts per million (ppm) of dissolved minerals:


Ideal - TDS 35 -50 ppm (35-50 mg/L) or 3 to 6 grains of hardness


Acceptable - TDS above 15ppm and below 150 ppm (100 mg/L) or 10 grains of total water hardness, depending on the composition of minerals. This case needs a more in depth analysis of water which is not possible with this TDS3  meter.


If you are use to measure in grains: 1grain=17ppm



PPM Range: 0 - 999ppm with a resolution fo 1ppm

Temerpature range: 0-99 Celsius = 

Accuracy: +/- 2%

Batteries: L 2 x 1.5V LG44 (included)



On/Off: to launch the ppm meter

Hold: Freeze the measurement to view it out of the water.

Temperature: Change from TDS to temperature

Auto-Off: Turns the meter off after 10 minutes of idle to save battery life


How to use it:

Press the on/off button to switch it on

Slip the cap off the probe head and you will see two metal sonds which only should be submerged into the testing water but please do not submerge the device for itself!

Lower the probe head into the testing water

Leave it in the solution for about 30 seconds, you can read out at once, however the meter needs about 30 seconds to adjust the ppm valule to the current water temperature

Press the hold button to freeze the digital value and pull it out of the solution to read it out.