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Cantucci Tuscany style 8 count

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Biscotti, as we American call the almond based Cantucci, are one of the most popular foods to dip in your coffee - in Italy!

In fact, it's literally designed and baked for dunking in mind. The crunch and density of a good piece of cantucci, dipped in a steaming cup of Manaresi coffee is unmatched. By dipping the texture changes from crispy to soft in a flash, and right away ready to enjoy. 

But do you know, Italian dip their biscotti when the sun is down into some rich red wines or desert wines, especially those on the sweeter side. Marsala wine and Vin Santo are the wines of choices for dipping. Most connoisseurs on either side of the pond agree that dipping a cantucci into a sweet Italian wine is the perfect end of the day.