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Manaresi Decaf 100/0 Arabica Italian Epresso Coffee Beans

Il Caffe Manaresi S.A.S.

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This is the perfect espresso for straight shots and latte coffees if you prefer the authentic Italian flavor, we call it smooth. As always it comes without any bitterness, hints of hazelnut and chocolate you can identify in the oustanding aftertaste. The swiss water processing decaffeination method guarantees full flavor even in this decaf. This is the most authentic decaf on the market we know. If you are not in espresso coffee in depth, you hardly can distinguish between the Manaresi Blu and this Manaresi Decaf, both at 100% Arabica beans. This espresso is kind of comparable to Danesi Decaf both at 100% Arabica coffee beans.

We offer Il Caffe Manaresi espresso coffee beans in 4 versions:

Smooth (100% Arabica Beans)

Elegant (92% Arabica Beans, 8% Robusta Beans)

Intense (60% Arabica Beans, 40% Robusta Beans)

Decaf (100% Arabica Beans Swiss decaffination method, left over caffeine less than in American espresso coffees)

Manaresi Decaf

Il Caffe Manaresi Decaf has less caffeine than U.S. decaf espresso coffees. The rules in Europe are more tight to extract the decaf. To keep the authentic flavor, Manaresi uses the more expensive Swiss Water method to extract the caffeine from the espresso beans by keeping the flavor. Manaresi Decaf garantees a smooth  flavor as well as the lingering aftertaste with just a hint of chocolate as we know it from Manaresi Gold Oro. But don't get it wrong, it is not a chocolate flavored espresso, just a tiny hint of chocolate within the lingering aftertaste. If you extract it as an espresso, it is bold but still smooth and you don't taste any acids, neither bitterness. If you use it in cappuccino or other latte coffees, it still keeps it boldness but compared to the esspresso shot the boldness is a little bit reduced caused in the dominant milk taste. Since robusta coffee beans carry a higher percentage of caffeine, Super Bar is the the perfect wake up call for involuntary early birds or voluntary night owles.

As the Manaresi Oro is primarly composed as an elegant, delightful and smooth espresso, the Manaresi decaf comes - similar to the Manaresi Blu -  extremely smooth with an elegant  taste, paired with an awesome hazelnut colored crema which stands a lot of sugar as well. If the crema does not show up as described, well, let's talk about your espresso machine.

What's the difference in toasting the beans?

Based on the gentle and slow turning motion of the rotary drum, the astringent hard acids are volatizing and the remaining acids which are important for the flavor (comparable to great wines) as carrier of the aroma are still in the beans without later impacting the taste towards noticeable acids. Furthermore, the arabica beans and the robusta beans are roasted separately, separately cooled down and then blended. In comparison, most roasting companies blend the green beans prior to roasting and roast them together to safe money which ends up in poor taste and flavor.

"A tradition that continues..."

In Florence, in via de' Lamberti, next to the church of Orsanmichele, "once upon a time..." there was a coffee shop filled with antique brass, mirrors and precious woodwork and a delicious aroma.

The aroma and flavour of a unique and unrivalled coffee which every Florentine remembers in his heart and palate.

That coffee was: Manaresi coffee.

Today the Manaresi coffee mix continues that same tradition, since 1898, with the same meticulous detail in choosing the highest qualities of the world's best coffees, with the same devoted care in roasting which is done now as it was in the past, a lime at a time, the old way, under the strict control of human experience that no machine will ever be able to duplicate.

The only concessions to modern life are: packages which conserve the product very well and a dynamic and efficient production and commercial organization.

Further information about Manaresi Caffe Espresso: Il Caffe Manaresi