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Portafilter Kit for ESE pods Simonelli Espresso Machines

Italian Bean Delight

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The Pod Adapter Kit enables you to change your Simonelli espresso machine from using espresso ground to using E.S.E. pods.

The ESE espresso coffee pod system is easy to use and enables you to make a terrific espresso at any time without messing up the portafilter.

E.S.E. pods are standarized and available from a variety of Italian espresso roasting companies.

Since they come single wrapped, you are free to choose from different espresso coffee pods from time to time without wasting coffee beans.

Your machine is easy to convert back and forward: Just unscrew one screw of the brewing group without dismanteling the machine and screw in the pod adapter kit. It comes with one- and two-pod basket for your portafilters, similar to the one- ond two-shot baskets for your ground espresso.


Tastewise, E.S.E. pods are the best alternative to fresh grinded espresso ground and environmental friendly as well. The advantage of E.S.E. pods are that you do not have to have a espresso bean grinder. Furthermore, there is almost no cleaning of the portafilter necessary, beside of the regular maintenance with descale tablets once in a while. 

Our kit comes with 20 espresso ese pods from Il Caffe Manaresi, regular and decaf.