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Wega Urban Multi-Boiler 2 group automatic espresso coffee machine free unlimited barista training


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Wega: Machines inspired by the human touch

Urban: Timeless design, not the fancy designs of other manufacturers, rather flying UFO machines spilling out espresso, of which you get tired within 3 years to look at.

Take a wet sponge or rag and be able to clean the outside of the machine in a second outside, Urban makes it possible.

Under the hood you don't find the classical Ferrari 12 cylinder engine, but better: State of the Art technology for high performance under high load for endless back to back production. And since Urban was designed and is manufactured in Italy, she is very energy efficient as in Europe electrical power is quiet expensive ouch. 

Modern lines, cutting edge technology, the ability to adapt to any need. The result is a machine with a distinctive, “urban” story inspired by urban design. In keeping with the movement’s philosophy, Urban aspires to a systematic, multidisciplinary approach to design in which attention to aesthetics does not detract from functionality and sustainability. Urban not only adapts to its setting, it enhances it and makes it more efficient thanks to its own unique style. Enough laudatio, let's talk facts:

What you get: 

  • Easy-to-use on-screen instructions that provide step-by-step support to the barista to handle many tasks, such as automatic group head wash, filter replacement, and more
  • Quickly upload photos and graphics to the camera screen. Screen that can be perfectly adapted to the needs of the business or barista in just a few seconds
  • Capability to connect directly to Customer Service.
  • 5” interactive capacitive touchscreen display positioned with a protective tempered glass cover “Mobile-like” interface to facilitate barista
  • Tall group to serve coffee in a “package” or in a regular cup using the built-in sliding grill. Spacer distance from grid 122mm or 82mm
  • New 90 ° Steam Knob for quick and easy opening and closing with a dedicated rotative knob for quick and easy selection of off and on and everything in between.
  • Dry steam operation for perfect foam
  • Central boiler boost function for even better peak performance
  • Multiple boiler technology with accurate temperature monitoring and control of the boilers and brewing groups,
  • Service boiler boost function for busy periods to guarantee even better performance, Completely separated hydraulic circuits for high performance at any time to maintain consistent pressure as coffee is dispensed at different units at the same time!
  • Technology WPB (Wega Power Boost)
  • Technology WPR (Wega Power Regulation)
  • Technology WPS (Wega Power Steam)
  • Technology LEC, MBT, SLS e HSB
  • Enhanced thermo regulators with high resolution PWM for precision temperature control.
  • Optional pre-order of Wi-Fi management packet to allow remote control (from laptop, tablet, smartphone) of all machine functions and settings.

Why to buy from us:

We are not an online espresso machine broker, neither a box shifter company, rather we are family owned and family owned small business with an excellent reputation to satisfy the needs of our customers over years to come. We can provide true references by request.

Prices ex works Sterling, VA 20166

Manufacturer's warranty against material defects 1 year parts

Support: Complementary technical support remote unlimited as long as you own the machine

Maintenance: Complementary remote support for light routine maintenance, further complementary service remote support available if someone in your facility has handy skills

Barista Training: Complementary remote barista training unlimited as long as you own the machine 

Please call us 800 746 6174 and we are more than happy to share our expertise with you