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Izzo Alex Duetto IV Plus Espresso Machine Barista Training


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First of all, there are now so many wrong information on the internet available about espresso machines, and grinders, please call and we can share our knowledge and can help you to distinguish between true and false. Furthermore, we offer to commission your machine and grinder, so you will receive "plug and brew" equipment. If you need help with the extraction of espresso, or how to steam milk, no problem, we will assist you.

This machine belongs to our class of prosumer machines, built to last for 15+ years, given a light maintenance on a regular basis.

The Izzo Alex Duetto IV is a dual boiler espresso machine with an E61 group head, built-in PID, shot timer, and a rotary pump. It can be run on its internal reservoir or be plumbed in.

The Gourmet interested in a sturdy solution will love this machine: You want to be able to pull dialed shots and steam plenty of velvety milk but looks couldn't matter less. You want something straightforward, proven, and reliable because the espresso matters far more than the experience.

There is a version on the US Market with stainless steel boiler. Please be aware that stainless steel boilers in prosumer machines without a perfect adjusted water quality, intend to rust through, yes they RUST THROUGH. For further information on this topic, please call us and we are more than happy to provide you with insight information.

What is the difference to the most trendy touch screen display dual boiler machines blooming up on the market?

First of all, we at Italian Bean Delight are slow with new technologies: We saw too many new machines on the market in trouble in the very first 3 years. And we do not want to provide our long term customers with guinea pigs: Touch screens are now trendy since 2019, we can let you know in about  4 years when we will have repaired a lot of touch screen machines with our repair company, how good those solutions really are.

We know, this Izzo machine works fine for years to come. Our understanding is, if you invest such huge amount of money to make your espresso or latte at home, we think your investment should be safe.


  • Single-spouted commercial-grade portafilter
  • Double-spouted commercial-grade portafilter
  • Single basket
  • Double basket
  • Blind basket
  • Stainless steel base 58mm tamper
  • 4 different style tips (1- 2 hole, 2- 4 hole,1-5 hole)
  • Cleaning brush
  • 15 amp converter cord
  • 2-year parts and labor
  • Recessed heater lights
  • Drip tray has catch tray on back, easy to slide in
  • Ergonomic angled portafilters, for ease of use
  • Cup warmer tray with rails, better ventilation
  • Reinforce front to reduce flexing
  • Easy access expansion valve
  • Lever action, E 61 commercial group with pre-infusion
  • No-Burn articulating steam arm
  • No-Burn articulating hot water arm
  • Stainless steel base 58mm tamper
  • All stainless construction (including the frame)
  • Large removable drip tray (includes option to drain if desired)
  • Dual boilers
  • PID controller for the group boiler (with 1.0 degree Fahrenheit adjustment)
  • PID controller also controls the steam boiler temperature (and thus pressure)
  • Extremely quiet rotary pump
  • Quiet and more reliable SSR Power Relay
  • Water tank 2.4 liter with low water sensor (cuts power to heater)
  • Lever control to allow switching water source from direct plumb to water tank
  • Low water sensor in the reservoir
  • Red indicator lights clearly marked so you can tell which boiler is receiving power
  • Rubber insulating boots over heating element ends for safety
  • Optional drain kit included
  • 15 or 20 amperage operational mode
  • Clearance between the drip tray and the portafilter
  • Printed manual


Picture show a combinationi of espresso machine and matching grinder, pricing for the espresso  machine only. Please call to discuss your customized package

Depending in which state you are located, we might need to charge you sales tax, please call first